Coming back to life... 2015
To view a list of authors who appeared on WritingRaw during our first incarnation, please visit our Biographies/Archive page.
WritingRaw IS COMING BACK TO LIFE AND WE ARE PLACING A CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS. With the disappearance of markets that publish unsolicited manuscripts, WritingRaw is providing the outlet for any writer who wishes to have their writing out for the world to see and to help start building a name for themselves. We hope to provide you with an entertaining and thought-provoking online magazine dedicated to all forms of the written word. Please, if you have any thoughts or ideas on how to improve this site, we are more than willing to listen.

All works posted on the WritingRaw website are copyrighted by the author. If a piece is sold, please let us know so we can all celebrate together with an announcement on WritingRaw. We would also like to stress that the author of a given piece is the sole creator. If there are grammatical or spelling mistakes, these are the authors and not WritingRaw. Our purpose is not to edit or change any given piece - thus, the Raw aspect of the site. If changes are needed, WritingRaw will contact you and ask for permission before changing anything. Thank you for your understanding.

All submissions MUST be in a text format - WORD preferred, but not mandatory. PDF format is NOT accepted.

While does not afford us the income to compensate authors for accepted pieces, we believe that the exposure the author receives is compensation enough. In this day of vanishing literary markets, the actual building of a name - in our opinion - can be just as valuable as a monetary figure.

What We Publish: We publish original fiction, poetry, assorted (non-fiction, plays, and various other writings that do not fit in the fiction or poetry category), serials and writing related articles, book reviews, and author interviews.

As for content in the fiction and poetry categories, we are open to new ideas and concepts besides the traditional idea of how a piece should be written or structured.

The assorted category is open to virtually anything - originality and expanding ones talent in other aspects of the writing field (that does not fall easily into the fiction or poetry category) are submitted here. This can range from plays, general essays that are not writing based, experimental, etc.

All articles should be related to the aspect of a writer's life or the art of writing. We will look at non-related nonfiction articles and make a judgment based on content.

What We Won't Publish: Anything that is deemed illegal in the United States - child pornography, bestiality, etc, and fanfiction. Use your common sense when submitting to Our main goal is to not limit the author in any way, without breaking laws in the process.

Simultaneous submissions: We accept simultaneous submissions but would like to be notified immediately if the piece has been accepted elsewhere.

Length Recommendations: We have no length requirements.

Rights: All rights - other than first electronic and non-exclusive archival rights (we keep material online, on our Bio's page, until requested to remove it) are and remain the sole and exclusive property of the author.

Getting to Know You: For all submissions, please compose your own short bio and include it to save our editors and yourself time later if/when your piece is accepted for publication. We suggest sharing a little about your background, occupation, geographical location and other writing credits.

How and Where to Submit: Email submissions only, to the appropriate department. In the "subject" line of your email, please put if you are submitting - Fiction, Poetry, Article, Assorted, Book Review, Interview, etc.

Submissions are accepted only through email. Please send to the following: (some people are having problems sending to this address... if you are, please send directly to me at )

Be sure to include your name and email address in the body of the email, and a two to three sentence synopsis of the piece submitting.

We also promote books!
Send a jpeg of the book's cover, a brief synopsis, and ordering information!

Thank you.
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