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Another Fish Story
by Mitchell Waldman

A summer storm brings back memories of a storm (both in the literal and figurative sense) during a family vacation many years before.

Bargain Basement Surgery
by A. R. Alan

If your boobs sag, forget surgery. You may get more than you bargained for like I did. Oops! Did I just say that?

Between the Lines
by Niles Reddick

Losing a pet is tough. Adjusting to a new dog is tougher, and while frustration mounts, you simply have to ride it out as best you can.

Letters Written at Sea
by Robert Klein Engler

You'll never know what you'll find when you open an old sea chest. A puzzle that leads to or away from and an old love? The only way to find out is to read those letters written at sea.

Silent Witness
by Barbara Brown

Sam is a man on a mission to assassinate a beautiful woman. The woman has secrets; secrets which if known could bring down an elected government and destabilise the social and political order.

Spin Out
by Kees Kapteyn

Four eccentric individuals choose to reveal themselves through inviting the others on 'field trips' into their lives. The narrator of the story struggles with his feelings towards the female member of the group, while dealing with his own search for a place in his own broken family and the dysfunctional world at large.

The Birth of a Legend
by Alexei Edwards

A friend who is about to meet his death and his transition from man to legend.

The Disease He
Gives To Himself
by Joseph J. Wood

A dark, surreal journey in despair and anguish.

The Dive
by Joseph Grant

Sometimes the fight in the ring is only half the battle. For Diego, there was the upcoming title bout and keeping his eyes on the prize as well as his pride but the cartel had other ideas. Would he take the dive they offered to keep everything he loved dear safe or go out like a man on his feet still punching?

The Lady from 103rd Street
by Travis Baker

A tale about art, artists and the people can't quite understand either one.

The Purple Crackle
by William Matthew McCarter

All of us were looking forward to a lively night of decadence and pleasure over on the Illinois side of the river. Ole Mark Twain painted the Illinois side of the Ole Muddy Water as being almost idyllic and in many ways it was. While The Purple Crackle was not the rustic utopia of Jackson's Island, it did have some qualities that old Tom and Huck could never have imagined - Free flowing liquor twenty three and a half hours per day and eighteen year old college girls trying to get someone to buy it for them.

The Will
by Niles Reddick

Dealing with the loss in a family is tough. Dealing with family about an estate is especially frustrating when who has been left in charge doesn't follow the wishes of the deceased.

The Spinnaker
by Michael McGrath

Beneath the calm waters of the socially constructed human experience lies the stormy and often terrifying human condition. It is through these foreboding seas we must sail our boats alone and face the mythical monsters of our own mortality. Yet though the voyage is formidable, it is not without hope, and the island of our salvation sits somewhere beyond the blue waves.

Truths to Lie For
by Theron Couch

What do you believe and why do you believe it? Using a fame built on lies, one man stood up and dared to tell the truth. Now, imprisoned and alone, he discovers the hardest torture to endure is simple persuasion.

White Light
by Jack Coey

A confused prep-school student runs away from what he should be doing to find what he wants to do and discovers freedom is not as alluring as he thought.

by April H. Center

Curiosity Under
A Naked Moon
by Alisa Velaj

Down Westside
by Andrew Scott

Family Get Togethers
by John Grey

Father & Son Standing
In Soup Kitchen Line
by Anthony Mondal

Idle Moments
by Gary Beck

Life and Death
by Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi

Present Comfort
by Michael Keshigian

by Dennis J Bernstein

Sugar in the Raw
by Joe Quinn

Suspect Device
by Patricia Walsh

The Other Side
by Shloka Shankar

Where I Would
Otherwise Be
by Eva Zimet

Word Processor
by Joan McNerney

Abergwesyn Chapel:
A Writing Prompt
by Lorraine Voss

The first task is a piece of nature writing. So we will sit outside for 20 minutes and write, not just about what we see, but what we feel hear and smell.

Interview with
D. Russel Micnhimer
by Nalini Priyadarshni

D. Russel Micnhimer is an American poet and rock art (pictographs and petroglyphs) expert who has been writing poetry for forty five years.

One or the Other: A Play
by Emily Vieweg

ONE and OTHER are speaking to each other, but we are also looking at the inner-workings of random thoughts. Do not play as "insane." These characters are quite aware of reality, but repeatedly get lost in their own worlds as they contemplate waiting. This could be considered one character's inner conflict, played by two actors.

Between the Sheets

This month, Ditch & Weeb review
Station Eleven
by Emily St. John Mandel

Deep Black Road
by Allen Scovil
Reviewed by AllBooks Review

The Familiar, Volume 1:
One Rainy Day in May
by Mark Z. Danielewski
Reviewed by Weeb

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Bargain Basement Surgery
By A. R. Alan

     When I bent down to dry my feet after showering my pendulous breasts knocked against my knees with a thud, and my whole life changed forever. After consultations with eight surgeons, I chose Dr. Simone. Although he was a noted physician and teacher in a prestigious learning hospital, my breast reduction and nipple replacement surgery would cost me next to nothing, because an intern would perform the operation while Dr. Simone looked on.
     So here I was, lying on a metal operating table, a fuzzy-brained, inert, lump, surrounded by young interns. I'm not sure how many, because happy juice was being pumped into my arm through a thin, plastic tube.
     Mrs. O'Brian, I'm ready," one young man said, pulling the sheet down to my waist and raising my arms above my head. Both breasts plopped down to the sides of my body. "Mmm," he reflected. "You're lucky. We just got a hold of a lovely, perky- pair of nipples. I think they'll be perfect."
     I smiled, dribbling through my almost numb lips.
     "I have more good news for you, but I'll let Dr. Marsh tell you about it."
     A bearded young man stroked my hair. "Can you hear me, Mrs. O'Brian?"
     "Uhh…. Uhh… "I gurgled like an infant.
     "Mrs. O'Brian," he shouted like I was deaf, instead of drugged out of my mind. "I've decided to throw in a free tummy tuck."
     After shaping my lips, I mumbled, "my belly button…"
     "You're belly button? Oh yes," he laughed. "When I remove that tire of fat around your middle, your belly button will have to go, but don't worry, I'll tattoo one on and you'll never know the difference."
     I shook my head, and forced myself to stay alert. Another young man pulled the sheet all the way down. "Just as I thought, "he remarked, rolling me onto my side. "We'll have to tighten her butt by pulling all of the excess skin into her crack, and as long as we're at it, I can get rid of the cellulite on her thighs by tucking the skin up. "
     "Good, good," another agreed. She'll never see the thin scars."
     He rolled me back down, and a freckled-faced man ran his fingers through my pubic hair. "This will never do. Too sparse and too gray. What do you gents say to my giving her a pubic hair transplant?"
     "Sounds fine to me," the bearded one said, "but if you do that, I think you should add some plugs under her arms."
     "I'm sixty-one," I slurred, my eyes rolling around in my head. "Can't afford…."
     "Mrs. O'Brian, "Dr. Simone said, taking my hand. "Don't worry about money. The total cost of this operation will still be only $375.00 for the bandages, plus state and local tax. My interns and I appreciate your giving us the opportunity to operate on you, and to show my gratitude, I'm going to throw in a free face lift and then Botox your lips.
     "Tanks," I mumbled.
      The last thing I remember hearing, before I woke up encased in a white-gauze bandage that went from the tip of my head to the bottom of my toes was: "Sal, those nipples don't match. What are we going to do?"
     "Keep her here," Sal replied. "I'll check out the morgue and see if I can find another pair."

The End

by K.D. Bloodworth
Divorced and too much time on her hands, Dawn finds herself drawn into an online dating site. Her vacation trip to meet the smooth talking, handsome man, turns into a fight for her life. Her only hope to survive, is to escape the wilderness and the terror of the madman. Click on the cover to order from Amazon.